3D Pool Design Company

3D Pool Design Company

3D Pool Design and Pool Plan Company

Are you someone who has been shopping online for pool plans? Maybe you've tried looking into some free or paid software for swimming pool design such as Pool Studio, AutoCad or even Sims4 and decided it may be easier to hire a professional company to design your swimming pools.


Well, you've found the right little corner of the internet. 

3D Pool Plans and Design Company

South Florida Pool Builders Colton Woodard and Rachel Lammey have been designing and drafting pool plans for a long time and have created PoolDes.com to offer ready made 3D Pool Renderings with 2D architecture plans for ease of download. If you're looking for something custom, we now offer our services at a per diem rate starting at $200 per pool design including 1 free revision. 


How Much Does it Cost to buy 3D Pool Plans?

Typically a custom pool design only takes 1 to 3 business days turn around depending on the demands of the project scope. Ready Made Designs are simply priced at $99 per package. Custom 3D Swimming Pool Packages start at $200 per pool.


What does a 3D Pool Plan package include?

With each 3D Pool Design Package you will receive a .zip file containing Pool Render still photos from multiple angles, a video walkthrough displaying the pool in day and night modes and the associated 2D drafting drawings that are engineer ready to send off for sign and sealed copies.


Why Should I Buy Pool Plans instead of Designing them myself?

There is nothing wrong with spending the time to draw or design pools yourself. The question is how valuable that you assess your personal time and what value freeing up this task would bring your personal life or your business. 


Subcontracting pool renderings is ofter cheaper than hiring an employee in house if you don't have enough work to keep them busy at 40 hours per week. Additionally, dealing with the rising costs of employees, sourcing, and payroll taxes can sway a lot of Pool Builders, Luxury Home Builders and Designers from hiring tasks that can be shopped out. Many businesses write off services like ours as a tax deduction and often pass on the design fee to the customer.


The Benefits of Offering 3D Pool Design

In today's world everything has gone digital, including pool renderings and even work meetings. With the invention of Virtual Reality, clients can put on a headset like the Oculus and view their potential project in real time. Offering cutting edge design and technology not only keeps you competitive in the ever changing market, it convinces your clients that you are more competent, experienced, and advanced than those offering 2D shapes with measurements only. 

Bringing a high ticket client 3D renderings is likely to win you more Bids and put more money in your pocket.

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